Katrina & Koko

Katrina & Koko

It’s funny how I didn’t even want a Dog….I thought they were messy & dirty and wanted no parts of it..But my husband at the time and stepdaughter begged and begged, so when we got a house with a fence, I gave in. The compromise was a tiny Dog (vs a massive one that they wanted). And while KoKo is 17lbs and a far cry from a 4 – 8 lb lap dog that I’d originally thought she’d be….she stole my heart & we’ve been joined at the hip every since, she is truly my road Dawg & my Shuga Lump. RJ, my marketing guru & genius…(shhhhh don’t tell him that, lawdy🤣) even incorporated her into some or my marketing and she has her own following on social media. She is a real Ham & literally has the funniest facial expressions  & ends up in lots of pics..since I’m so camera shy🤪.

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